Harbor City serial shootings

Harbor City serial shooter
Years active1993
  • 3 killed
  • 1 wounded
CountryUnited States
State(s)California 22
Date apprehended
Never apprehended

The Harbor City serial shootings were an unsolved series of drive-by shootings committed in the Harbor City neighborhood of Los Angeles, California during the early months of 1993. A total of four black men were shot within a two-block radius, three of them fatally. Despite a detailed description of the perpetrator and his car given by the surviving victim and witnesses to the murders, he remains unidentified to date.[1]


The first shooting occurred on January 31, 1993, when Howard L. Campbell, a 32-year-old black man, was fatally shot at 1087 W. 252nd Street. The shooting happened at about 9:00 p.m.[2]

The next victim was Michael Kevin Meador, a 35-year-old black man, who was shot to death during the night of February 14, 1993. Meador was murdered while standing in front of the same address as Campbell.[3]

On April 15, 1993, 26-year-old Joseph Alexander Maxwell was shot and killed as he approached the perpetrators vehicle at 1039 W. 254 Street, two blocks away from where the first and second murders occurred.[4]

On May 22, 1993, an unnamed 38-year-old was shot three times at the 1100 block of West 253rd Street, a block away from where the first and second murders occurred.[1] The man was injured but managed to survive.[5]


The surviving victim was able to give a description of a perpetrator and his vehicle: a red-haired white man between 25 and 35-years-old who drove a jeep. This description matched ones given by witnesses to the prior attacks. Other descriptions described the jeep in further detail, stating that the car was red and had a white top.[6] Additionally, three of the four attacks occurred between 8:00 and 9:30 p.m. With this information, the police connected all of the murders to a single unknown suspect and created a composite sketch. Despite this, the murders remain unsolved, as does the motive. Although all of the victims were black, the police were unsure if the shootings were racially-motivated.[1] Robbery is the only motive that was ruled out by investigators.[4]

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