Muhammad I ar-Rashid

Bey of Tunis (1710–1759)

Muhammad I ar-Rashid
Bey of Tunis
PredecessorAbu l-Hasan Ali I
SuccessorAli II ibn Hussein
Died12 February 1759

Muhammad I ar-Rashid (Arabic: أبو عبد الله محمد الرشيد باي; 1710 – 12 February 1759) was the third leader of the Husainid Dynasty and the ruler of Tunisia from 1756 until his death.

Preceded by Bey of Tunis
Succeeded by

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Beylik of Tunis
  • Al-Husayn I ibn Ali
  • Abu l-Hasan Ali I
  • Muhammad I ar-Rashid
  • Ali II ibn Hussein
  • Hammuda ibn Ali
  • Uthman ibn Ali
  • Mahmud ibn Muhammad
  • Al-Husayn II ibn Mahmud
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  • Muhammad VI al-Habib (Habib Bey)
  • Ahmad II ibn Ali (Ahmed Bey)
  • Muhammad VII al-Munsif (Moncef Bey)
  • Muhammad VIII al-Amin (Lamine Bey)
Kingdom of Tunisia
  • Muhammad VIII al-Amin (Lamine Bey)

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