South End station

Planned light rail station in Charlotte, North Carolina.
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New Bern Lynx Blue Line East/West Boulevard

South End is the tentatively named and planned light rail infill station in Charlotte, North Carolina. The at-grade dual side platforms are to be a stop along the Lynx Blue Line, serving South End and reconnecting the nearby Dilworth and Brookhill neighborhoods. CATS expects the station to open in 2026.[1]


The station will be located on the Blue Line tracks between New Bern and East/West Boulevard stations,[2] The platforms are in a split configuration, with the northbound platforms behind Publix and the southbound behind Sycamre/Atherton Lofts.[1] Part of the reason for the selectred station site is to provide a safe level crossing to access the grocery store from the north side of the tracks, as jumping the gates to cross the railway line had become an issue.[1][3]


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